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New! Gradient Stencils


Say Goodbye to Patchy Eye Shadow and Hello to Beautiful Gradient Eye Shadow!!


Eye Shadow Challenge – We get it!!  You are not alone if you struggle with applying eye shadow. It is difficult to know where to place eye shadow, where to NOT place eye shadow, how to blend and how to eliminate raccoon eye applications! 



Miné Stencils - the solution for perfect eye shadow placement, application and blending!

Your struggle with applying eye shadow can be ancient history..



Our patent pending technology helps eliminate the guesswork in makeup application with eye shadow stencils for easy to blend eye shadow dotted patterns.   


The stencils have a gradient cutout pattern which is placed on the eye lid area.  Simply pat eye shadow through the gradient holes for perfect placement of eye shadow pigment and then brush over the eye shadow dotted pattern until the eye shadow blends/fades into a beautiful gradient look.



DAYTIME or EVENING LOOKS - Use 1 or 2 stencils for a daytime look, or 2-3 stencils for a multilayered evening look 

Simply add a darker color to the eye crease or lid to transition to beautiful, striking evening looks.



Included – the kits include 3 stencils for transition, crease and highlight and outer corner of the eye



Create Bold or Natural Looks at Home... You decide

Patent pending Technology – we designed the stencils for quick, easy symmetrical eye shadow application!  So you can be confident in your eye makeup application.


We designed the stencils using a reusable food grade plastic. The stencils can be washed and reused. During the design phase we consulted with plastic experts to identify materials that are BPA free and hypoallergenic.  We chose LDPE plastic with your safety as our top priority.  Our brushes are made latex free with synthetic fibers which are cruelty free. 


  1. August 2018 Finalize Prototype Design and Stencil Manufacturing
  2. September 2018 KickStarter launch
  3. October 2018 Begin Manufacturing
  4. November 2018 3rd party logistics and shipping to you
Next steps - More shadow tutorials ARE ON THE WAY!!!! Please visit our social media pages and website for more tutorials to assist in your perfect eye shadow applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions! email: