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Miné Stencils

Our Stencils are one size fits all! Our stencils have been tested on women of different ages, ethnicities, and eye shapes.



There are 3 stencils templates available:

  •  The Daytime Stencil: Helps you create beautiful daytime looks! The stencils gradient template helps you apply eyeshadow over the crease to achieve everyday looks. The Daytime Stencil is also used as a buildable base for more complex looks.
  • The Perfect Stencil: Amazing for any beauty enthusiast! It is used to build definition on the crease and apply color to the outer corner of the eye.
  • The Highlight Stencil: Creates the perfect highlight beneath your eyebrow arch and builds contrast on the eyelid area.


Step 1: Place it—Place Stencil on eyelid. Align oval cutout beneath edge of lower eyelid curve, tear duct hole over tear duct and centerline with eyelash line. If preferred, shift stencils lower on eye lid.

Step 2: Pat eyeshadow—Firmly pat eyeshadow through gradient hole pattern; for best results pat through twice. Eyeshadow should be located above crease of eye except for highlight stencil.

Step 3: Blend—Press blending brush in eyeshadow, tap off excess eyeshadow. Brush over eyeshadow in a windshield wiper motion 15x or 10–20 seconds.

Step 4: Perfect it!Use flat side/edge of brush hairs to smooth edge of eyeshadow application. Add mascara and eyeliner to complete look!


For an easier application, hold the stencil against your eyelid with your index and middle finger.

Please reference our tutorials for further assistance. We are in the process of creating additional tutorials for women with different eye shapes and sizes.




WARNING: Keep eyes closed and gently hold stencils over eye area. Opening eye during use or pressing too firmly on eye may result in injury to the eye. For all other product material details, terms and conditions go to


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