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About us

Miné Stencils created an innovative method for applying eye makeup using stencils. The stencils simplify the process of applying eye shadow and eyeliner so you can create professional eye makeup styles at home!  Miné is pronounced Me-nay, is the Japanese word for "new beginning" and also the inventor's middle name. 

The creator of Miné Stencils, Kerri Miné, thought of the idea behind the patent pending stencils a few years ago when she was in a wedding.  She had limited time to get ready for the wedding, but still wanted a professional looking makeup application. She searched, but could not find any tools or stencils for the look she wanted to create.  So she created her own stencil prototype and Miné Stencils was born.

Applying eye makeup can be difficult, time consuming and require lots of training! Many struggle to apply eye makeup and have completely given up on applying eye makeup.  Miné Stencils kits and tutorials are an empowering tool for you to apply makeup at home without lots of training!  The stencils are user friendly for beginners, intermediate and even advanced users looking for a symmetrical, quick and easy makeup application.

Stencils are available in 4 different sizes to match various eye shapes and sizes. The Stencil Sizing page includes step-by-step sizing instructions to help you select your stencil size.  Then go to the Products page to order your kit today!!

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