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About us

I created Miné Stencils keeping in mind on-the-go women. Applying eye makeup can be difficult, time consuming and require lots of training! The idea came to me after struggling to get ready at a wedding. I had limited time to get ready for the wedding, but still wanted a professional looking makeup application. I searched but could not find any tools or stencils for the look I wanted to create. And so, I created my own stencil prototype for women like you and me.

Trust me, we understand, and you are not alone in your endeavor to simplify this everyday ritual or are a beginner looking for help in creating trendy looks; our research has shown that a shocking 70% of women have difficulty applying eyeshadow!

Miné Stencils creates an innovative method for applying eye makeup using stencils. The stencils simplify the process of applying eye shadow and eyeliner so you can create professional eye makeup styles at home. The stencils are user friendly for beginners, and great for intermediate and even advanced users looking for a symmetrical, quick and easy makeup application.

You can also take comfort in knowing that Miné Stencils is conscientious of your health. In recognition of health concerns, CEO Kerri Butcher spent three years researching plastics publications, international plastics research and design, and even went so far as to consult with two plastics experts in an effort to evaluate which materials would be up to our standards. Through this, we discovered the LDPE plastics that can be manufactured in a food-grade variation that avoids the use of phthalates like BPA. So you can apply the product and not worry about it harming your eyes or your health -- we have done the research for you!

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